Spit shine my crystal ball and…

call me Madame Leota, because this week I saw the future. And it looks good my friends, really good.

girlsruleToday I was a guest at an all girls middle school. I was led from class to class by my own ten-year old daughter and experienced a day in the life. The girls worked in teams and delivered Powerpoint presentations, they rolled up their sleeves and explored hands-on science, they debated whether it was better to be right or to be kind. They used laptops to practice math, write journal entries and advocate for themselves with teachers. By lunch, my face hurt from smiling.

These girls are training up to change the world, one kind, intelligent policy at a time.

They are learning to listen to their intuition, use common sense, operate within a budget, debate respectfully, discover new information and let it inform their choices. These girls will one day lead us with humility and confidence in tandem.

In science class, the girls learned the term ‘remediation.’ As their teacher explained, it is a way to remedy a problem with the environment. And I was struck with the thought that these girls are going to remediate our country, our planet. They are the remedy.

As this next generation grows tall enough to fit into the big shoes we’ve left for them, let us take care. Things are in our care right now. Yours. Mine. His. We need to band together in spite of the political and social climate and dwell on our similarities, value our differences. Let kindness resonate through our daily dealings. Let hope be the filter through which we view the world. And if we have children in our keeping, guard them from life’s ugliness, guide them to make brave and confident choices, then stand back – mouth’s shut – and let the remediation begin.


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