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Month: May 2015

The Daily Sketch

The Daily Sketch

The last few weeks have been emotionally bankrupting for me. In an effort to change my attitude and overall energy, I shook up my work routine.  Now, I start the day with a half-hour sketch session. I get my creative juices going, something for which there is no right or wrong way, and after that, dive into work!

I don’t know if it’s the shake up of the routine, the creative pursuit or both, but after three days, I’m feeling great. No matter what obstacles come up after the sketch session, I find it easier to remain upbeat and optimistic.  It’s been a gentle reminder f to nurture all sides of myself in order to thrive. I hope you’ll follow me on Instagram and Twitter where I’ll continue my experiment called #dailysketch.

Sending you love, this week and always, Jennifer

Maneki Neko the Japanese Lucky Cat
Metal Turtle