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A Visit to Bayview Cemetery

A Visit to Bayview Cemetery

Deathbed grave. It is rumored if you lie across the grave and say “Gaudette” three times you will die within a day.

I love to walk cemeteries. It doesn’t matter where I travel, I make it a point to find a local cemetery and walk through the graves. I read the names, touch the tombstones and spend some time contemplating the lives beneath my feet. Taking time for the dead fills me with a sense of renewed purpose and resolve.

Named, ‘Angel Eyes,’ locals swear tears fall down her stone cheeks

My visit to Bellingham, Washington’s Bayview Cemetery was no different. The grounds are kept in perfect condition. A creek splits the property in two. And rumors abound about two graves. I went to visit both rumor-riddled graves and found so much more. I encountered the most moving tribute and the most poignant children’s cemetery I have ever seen.

She grieves for the children buried all around her. What a moving tribute.

Bayview Cemetery filled me with the hope and fight I needed to complete my second book. If you are ever in northern Washington, I encourage you to  walk this cemetery. Then, share with me how it inspired your actions!

If you still want to know more about this amazing location, I found a fantastic blog about it when I was trying to research Edmund Gaudette for reader, Jan. Enjoy!



Josie Jameson and the Stone Witch CoverIf you’re interested in reading my second novel, Josie Jameson and the Stone Witch, I’m happy to announce its release! Find it on here.


A Cover Reveal and Giveaway – Oh My!

A Cover Reveal and Giveaway – Oh My!

Josie Jameson and the Stone Witch CoverThanks to designer, Greg Simanson, the new cover hints to the stone witch that plays a heavy role in the story. Not wanting to crush the imagination of readers, we kept her face hidden in the hood of her cloak.

Here’s the book description:

In author Jennifer L. Hotes’ YA thriller novel, Josie Jameson and the Stone Witch, readers meet a teen that’s been struggling since childhood to fill the shoes of her dead mother. Josie is a caregiver to her little brother, a confidante to her grieving dad, and the backbone of her tight-knit group of friends.

But always being the strong, responsible one has taken its toll on Josie, now fourteen. After stumbling upon the grave of a witch, she’s been plagued with nightmares, dark visions, and fainting spells that leave her feeling like a freak. And then suddenly her faulty heart gives out and for 5.4 seconds Josie is technically dead.

The second book in the Stone Witch series takes readers along with Josie who, with the help of her friends and clinging to the final memories of her mother, must face the challenges of her future as the past battles for her soul. Will she be strong enough to face her fate?

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