Acquiring Hearts by S. Donahue

Acquiring Hearts by S. Donahue

About S. Donahue

7276113 S. Donahue was inspired by a friend that had published a book to write her own novel. Fueled by her love of reading, the thought process was always there, but she lacked the confidence to make it happen until she stepped into the world of Indie Authors.

Her time is spent first and foremost as a wife and mother to her gorgeous and loving  baby boy. She is a family oriented person. The rest of her time is spent working a full time job as a Business Systems Analyst, attending University as a part time student at night, working on her upcoming novels, cooking, cleaning, reading and maintaining various Facebook pages. When does she sleep?

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Acquiring Hearts

18516049Have you ever met someone and just knew that they were the one that you were supposed to spend the rest of your life with? In S. Donahue’s Contemporary Romance novel, Acquiring Hearts, Bradley Roberts accidentally meets Giavonna Coppi, his secretary’s sister. He immediately has an attraction to her, but she is not like any of the women that he has dated before.

Gia is an independent, hardworking lawyer who’s been hurt in the past. She invested all of her time into establishing her career. When she meets Bradley she senses the connection, but is afraid to give him her all.

As Bradley finds himself wanting to spend more time with Gia, many dilemmas begin to surface. When their romance is tested, can they see past the obstacles that are standing in their way? Are they meant to be together or is it just easier for them to be apart? There’s only one way to find out…check out this heartfelt fairytale full of emotion, devotion and passion.

Genres include: Romance, Humor, Literature & Fiction, Women’s Fiction and Contemporary Fiction.

What Readers Are Saying

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“4.5 Star Review

This is the second book by S. Donahue that I have had the privilege to read. After the first book I read and enjoyed I wanted to read more of her work. Let’s say I was not let down. This is a great story and one that you will fall in total love with.

Brad is the men of all men. When he loves he loves hard. Caring, devoted and willing to give everything when it comes down to it. He has been affected by his dad’s death not really wanting to face what is cost him in life and place the blame on someone else. He meets Gia, knows there is something special there but not sure what that something is.

Gia is a well-rounded attorney that is very independent. She has suffered some pretty hurtful things in the past that has forced her to push everything in to her career.

This two take off and keep you entertained through the whole book.

Light fun and fast read.

Looking forward to Gia’s sister’s story next!!!”

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