#FridayFood – Ballpark Treats!

#FridayFood – Ballpark Treats!



Ballpark tacos are much smaller than my dog in his taco costume…

Major League Baseball. It’s all about the food for me. 

Sure, I watch the game. But, with ninety games in the regular season, I don’t think the Mariners miss me when I step out for a half-inning here or there to graze on ballpark food. 🙂

There’s nothing better than a ballpark hotdog. Sure, the stadiums change up (see what I did there?) their menus annually. My kids try the new stuff and I usually mooch a bite or two off of them, but I always come back to the classics, hotdog and Coke. 

Safeco Field also has incredible tacos and garlic fries. The garlic fries, though, need to be a full-family commitment. We must all agree to have stinky breath together, or none of us can. 

I hope this coming weekend finds you in a ballpark noshing something delicious. Share it with us, okay?

Hangry (hungry and angry) at the ballpark? Impossible!


On a hot day at the ballpark, there’s nothing better than this!
I mean it looks good, but does it FEEL good to eat a burger at the ballpark?

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  1. I’m with you – the best thing about a ball game is the food (it’s the only time I allow myself a hot dog).

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