Hilarious Award-Winning Memoir

Hilarious Award-Winning Memoir

Meet Stephanie Yuhas

71U0mOkCmmL._UX250_-1Award-winning Stephanie Yuhas is a writer, producer, and professional goofball, with a BFA in animation from The University of the Arts. She lives near Philadelphia, where she and her partner, Matt Conant, run Cinevore Studios.

Stephanie is also the founder of Project Twenty1, a nonprofit organization that runs the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition and Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival.

Find her on Twitter @stephanieyuhas


American Goulash

518sDVgrziL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_A Coming-of-Age Memoir… American Goulash is a story about a nerd girl jousting with her Transylvanian family on the battlefields of suburban New Jersey for a chance to grow up authentically awkward and live a so-called normal American life. Whether casting off old-world wives’ tales or turning to art to cope with her immigrant family’s general zaniness, Stephanie valiantly finds her own way through adolescence in this heartwarming, hilarious soon-to-be classic.

What Readers Are Saying

Winner, 2015 Nancy Pearl Award for Best Memoir – PNWA (Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association)
Nick on Amazon.com gave American Goulash five stars. Here’s what he said:
“Not everybody would would see growing up in a dysfunctional, superstitious Transylvanian family to be an enticing premise for a memoir, but then again, not everybody had the childhood Stephanie Yuhas had. And, sure, many would probably approach writing such accounts with a “woe-is-me-see-what-I-had-to-go-through” type of attitude, but Yuhas relates her stories with such a witty charm, that it’s hard not to want to know what could possibly happen next. Yuhas’s childhood tales are peculiar, entertaining, and often very hilarious; and Yuhas tells them in a way that’s so simple and friendly, that’s it’s almost as if she’s recounting these memories directly to you, probably over a pleasant drink (anything but Black Russians, though).
“American Goulash” is a charming coming-of-age story. Following Yuhas from her early childhood to her late teen years, the book not only tells the story of a girl just trying to live a normal life, but it also tells an interesting and empowering tale about finding out who you are and learning to live as that person. It’s also, oddly, a tale about optimism and perseverance, as Yuhas relates her tales of moving on to become an artist. They’re all themes and ideas many of us can relate and respond to and Yuhas tackles them brilliantly.
“American Goulash” is a fun book and it’s hard not to come away a little inspired from it. Yuhas is a gifted storyteller. Now we just need to wait for volume two…”
On Amazon.com thisgirl gave five stars and raved:
“American Goulash” is a captivating memoir that will have you hooked from the start. Yuhas’s bold and honest writing style, combined with her unique sense of humor, makes this a book that readers of all ages and walks of life will certainly enjoy. It chronicles her struggle to remain loyal to her, more than slightly, dysfunctional family, who fled their homeland in search of the American Dream yet still clutches desperately onto their old world ways and superstitions. While searching for her own place in a world where she fiercely wants to belong but is simultaneously being constantly bombarded by her overly protective family about her new country’s hidden horrors. Whether you’re a teen struggling to fit in, an immigrant looking for their place in a new, strange world, an adult searching to find their niche in a cynical society, or just someone who has always felt disconnected in general; every reader will be able to identify with Stephanie’s story. Everyone wants to belong, and Yuhas’s writing style draws the reader into her story in a way that makes you feel like you’re experiencing it alongside her. Even in the most difficult of times, Yuhas’s strength and perseverance endure. Throughout the most discouraging of anecdotes in her story, Stephanie intensely clings to her hope refusing to accept defeat.This novel leaves the reader feeling empowered and ready to face whatever life may throw their way. I look forward to Yuhas’s future novels, and expect that we will see many more successes in her future.


american-goulash-cherylstyle-HIf the post made you curious about American Goulash, I’ve got a little bonus! Here’s a recipe (which means I just figured out your dinner tonight). You’re welcome. 🙂
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