Sunny Side Up!

Sunny Side Up!

Dreary Seattle Winter ūüôĀ

It was a long cold rainy winter in Seattle, the worst I’ve seen in my thirty years here.

But we survived.

  • The election
  • The aftermath
  • Free Speech on life support
  • The addiction to news cycles
  • Social media squalls
  • Flu season.
  • The mad slough¬†of friends and family on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

Is is over yet?

Well, my calendar says it is spring. And in a few days we begin a fresh month. It’s another chance to sweep away residual fear and worry and hate. Another¬†opportunity to be our best selves and love others with an unjaded heart.

Last week, I was¬†skimming¬†Hacker News¬†and found an article about ritual smudging or saging. If you’re unfamiliar with this, it is something I do regularly in my house – usually when my husband goes out of town because he doesn’t love the residual scent.

It is derived from Native American roots, and is a spiritual ‘house cleaning’ of sorts.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • First, locate¬†a¬†bundle of dried sage, a bird feather (to fan smoke) and a large shell
  • Light the sage bundle
  • Walk through¬†each space in¬†your home
  • As you walk, ask ¬†God (or the Universe) to clear out dark energy and invite light, positive energy ¬†inside your home. I pray and walk slowly from room to room
  • Sometimes the sage bundle extinguishes. Stop¬†and relight the bundle and remain in that space until the smoke clears the energy.
  • “God, fill this house with your love and light.” That is something I say as I walk the house, but you will find your own words.
  • When you’ve saged your home, respectfully empty the shell of ashes outside and say a thank you to God or the Universe.

My¬†family used to (okay, STILL) roll their eyes at me for saging. But this article I found justifies the¬†ancient ritual. It has been proven that herbal smoke has powerful antibacterial properties. Sage smoke¬†cleans the air and keeps it clean for days. Wow, right? Here’s the article.

After I post this blog, I am going to sage my home. I will start this new season with a clean house and spirit. I will let go of any darkness and make room for something better. Because any day is a good day for a fresh start.

Sending you all love and light.





4 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up!

  1. I may have to do this myself. I love the smell of sage and a friend gave me gobs of the stuff from her backyard garden. That said, I’m chuckling, having visions of setting the carpets on fire with stray sparks.

    1. Okay, truth be told! One time my sage bundle extinguished multiple times in Bryn’s closet. Not to seem too dark, but Bryn asked me to sage her room because she was having bad dreams. So, when the bundle wouldn’t stay lit for her closet it freaked me out. Was there a dark spirit in there? I mean, it doesn’t take much to incite a fiction writer. So, I relit and relit and then a big chunk of red embers landed on her carpet. Lord! I stepped on it before a fire started, but still. ūüôā

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