YA Series Gets Fresh Look, New Publisher!

YA Series Gets Fresh Look, New Publisher!

Whew. It’s been a year. 

After major contemplation, serious reeducation and a vat of elbow grease, I am happy to announce my YA novels have a new home, fresh covers and (in the case of my first novel) an exciting rewrite. 

I’ll celebrate with y’all later this year, but for now, without – well – any ado…my YA books. If you love Josie Jameson, I’d appreciate a review as well to boost my indie status on Amazon. 

As always, sending you all my big feels. – Jenn

p.s. Here are the links to them on Amazon.com!

Four Tombstones (Book 1)
Stone Heart (Book 2)

2 thoughts on “YA Series Gets Fresh Look, New Publisher!

  1. Yay, Jenn!!! So excited for you…your books have been given a fresh start, and you have completed the giant task you set out to accomplish! Your books look great, and you deserve a chance to revel in your success and to take a deep, relaxing breath of pleasure! <3

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