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#FridayFood – Donuts

#FridayFood – Donuts

It’s (almost) the weekend.

Time to get your party face on. Okay. Maybe not for a few hours. But in the meantime to get you in the weekend mood, let’s talk food porn. For me, that’s basically something homemade or donuts.


In the weeks to come, I’ll use #FridayFood posts to share recipes or awesome food I ate with you.

So today, I want to talk about donuts. My favorite donut of all time is a vanilla cake donut with vanilla glaze sprinkled with peanuts. I got them at Spudnuts in Pasco, Washington as a kid. Now, I get them locally¬†at Countryside Donut¬†House in Kirkland. If you make it to Countryside, try the maple bar, too. It is the best I’ve ever found. Another favorite of mine is Top Pot Doughnuts. Their pink sprinkle doughnut inspired my daily sketch a few months back.

My five-minute sketch
The Record on KUOW and Four Rubbings

The Record on KUOW and Four Rubbings

I’m just bubbling over with excitement to meet KUOW‘s own, Steve Scher tomorrow within the hallowed grounds of Lakeside Cemetery to discuss Four Rubbings. Maybe something’s wrong with me, but I can’t show up without a little gift. Cookies didn’t seem right. Instead, I thought of my wonderful mother-in-law, Elizabeth Hotes who always told me to create art and share it with others. So, to honor her, I reached for the sketchbook:

Steve Scher
KUOW’s Own Steve Scher