Oddfellows Cemetery

Oddfellows Cemetery

The font on this tombstone is fantastic!

In a small town north of Seattle lies an interesting cemetery. Tucked within a residential neighborhood, Oddfellows Cemetery, also known as Monroe Park, is a quiet and simple resting place. It is also the last cemetery my youngest daughter will ever volunteer to visit with me. 

On a rare sunny afternoon, my two daughters and I spread out across the grounds to take pictures. I kept track of my younger daughter as she explored and soon, my oldest daughter was not in sight. I looked harder and saw her sitting on a grave. As I approached, I noticed her staring past me, a face frozen in apathy. I called to her and called to her. Finally, she looked up, surprised to see me there. 

We continued to walk the grounds when my younger daughter ran at me. “We need to leave. I want to go.” 

She ran to the car and climbed in to wait for us. 

Over lunch, she told us about a shadow figure that followed her around the cemetery. It filled her with cold terror. She didn’t want to give anymore details than that, so we let it go. But, after lunch, she said she would never visit a cemetery again. 

Once home, I saged all three of us before we entered the house. I hadn’t felt any darkness, but clearly, my kids had.

Visit with caution.

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